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RedFlag Tyres
About us

Red Flag is your partner for sourcing high quality products and components from China. Tap into our network of contacts in China and benefit from our experience of doing business in that unique culture. Save time on sourcing products from China.

Red Flag Tyres have been trading since 2013 and are currently operating from Unit 47 Jamestown Business Park, Finglas, Dublin 11. We are also an approved member of the ITIA and TRACS. We are the sole distributor of CONSTANCY tyres here in Ireland and our aim is to supply our customers with quality tyres at competitive prices in the passenger car and van tyre industry.

We take pride in providing a first rate quality brand of tyre at competitive prices, combined with a quality service and consistent support.

WHAT WE OFFER? In order to meet different market demands we offer a range of other brands including Aoteli, Rapid and Sunitrac. No matter which size a customer requires we will do our very best to accomadate them.

TYRE SAFETY: Tyres are one of the most important components of a vehicle. If your tyres are worn or damaged it can seriously affect your car's safety and handling. Therefore, it is important to check tyre tread depth, general tyre condition and tyre pressure to ensure your tyres are safe for the roads. Tread depth must be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm throughout a continuous strip in the centre three quarters of the tread and around the entire tyre circumference. Tyres must also be correctly inflated, according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations in the vehicle handbook. Over-inflated tyres cause excess wear, shortening tyre life and can result in an uncomfortable ride. Under-inflated tyres result in increased fuel consumption and faster wear of the tread shoulders plus increased chance of impact damage.

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