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Sizing Your Tyre
 Sizing Your Tyre

The best way to get your tyre size is to use the tried and tested no nonsense manner of checking it yourself. The size will be clearly printed on the outside of the tyre as shown in the picture above. The different numbers and letters that make up the size does get quite confusing so I will try putting it into simple terms for you. The numbers and letter resemble the Tyre width, profile, and rim size, Load rating and Speed rating.

205/55 R 16 91 V

Width:- The width is measured in millimetres, and is measured from end to end of the tyre including the sidewall but excluding any raised lettering or rim protectors. In the size written above and the image the 205 represents the width.

Height / profile:- The aspect ratio is the height of the tyre, in this case the height is 112.75mm so those of you that are good with your maths will know that 55 % of 205 is 112.75mm. Another way to understand this is that the profile / height is basically a percentage of the width of the tyre.

Rim diameter:- The words say it all how wide your rims are is basically the rim size in this case its 16 inch

Load rating:- This is where most people get confused, but help is at hand. The load index is a numerical code that represents the maximum load a tyre can carry. In this scenario the load rating is 91 which means this it has a carrying capacity of 615kg. All tyres do not carry the same load rating so for more information on please visit our load rating section.

Speed rating:- The speed rating of the tyre determines how fast the tyre can travel, in the above example the speed rating is V this means the speed limit is 149mph. In this example the R donates the radial size and is not a speed rating indicator. To see a complete guide of speed ratings please visit the tyre speed section to see a chart.